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What is a “Community Conversation” (and Why Should I Care?)

Open House_graphic snippet

A design concept presented as a possibility for redeveloping property owned by the Pierre family.

Do you ever feel like you’re the last to know? Where did all those speed bumps come from? Wait, there’s a new brewery opening?

Neighborhood changes are often planned for years before the public actually sees the results. A Community Conversation is a great way to find out about upcoming changes AND a way to give input while your opinion can still count!

What is a Community Conversation?
These events are sponsored by Lake City Future First – a group of neighborhood volunteers working to support economic diversity in the Lake City area. While volunteers run the event, they also work with city officials to help bring current information about proposals and upcoming changes .

Why Should I Care?
Lake City is going to be experiencing a great deal of growth and development in the very near future. Lake City Future First wants to ensure everyone is involved in that conversation. Some favorite local establishments will be faced with issues regarding development. How do we retain our unique neighborhood assets and cherished gems? What new assets are desired? NOW is the time to be heard and get involved.

Public engagement liaisons help make it easier for community members to find out what's going on. Translation services are available too!

At the April Community Conversation, public engagement liaisons helped reach out to community members. Translation services are available too!

Please join your community on June 24th at the Lake City Community Center from 6 – 8 PM for the next official Community Conversation.

What will be there?
Free food from some of Lake City’s wonderful restaurants, in honor of the launch of this year’s “World of Tastes in Lake City Passport Program” which helps celebrate local restaurants.

Many representatives will be on hand to discuss everything from zoning to the need for open space in Lake City. The Urban Design Framework document will be on hand too. If you’re wondering whatever happened with the Pierre Visioning Project… you’ll find your answer there.

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Lake City Farmers Market is Back!

Lake City Farmers MarketRemember last year? When we almost lost our Lake City Farmers Market? Well, thanks to your support, it’s opening again this year and the first market day is this Thursday, June 11th from 3:00-7:00pm!

What’s New?
Look for several exciting new vendors, including Yellow Belly Honey , wild-caught salmon and a vendor selling artisanal chocolates. Old favorites like Martin Orchards, Tiny’s Organic Fruit and Hayton Berry Farms will be back. For a complete list of vendors, visit the market page. Oh, and you know how Elliot Bay offered growlers a few times last year? There will also be new wine & beer selections on certain days, including White Heron Wine, Wilridge Winery and Lowercase Brewing.

Prepared Foods
Expect a few new food trucks this year too. Market manager, Molly Burke, said she’s coordinated several food trucks to rotate once a month. The Fish Basket will return as well as several new trucks, including Napkin Friends, which specializes in latke press sandwiches and a new African food vendor, Jikoni. Don’t worry, old favorites like 314 Pie, Patty Pan Grill, and the pizza guy will be returning too. The best way to find out what’s coming each week is to sign up for the market’s newsletter, which you can do at the market, or here.

It’s Not Out of the Woods Yet
Market coordinators were very pleased with last year’s growth, but indicate more is needed this year for the market to remain viable. While Lake City’s attendance went up significantly last year, spending at the market is still low compared to other area markets.

New vendor Yellow Belly Honey

New vendor Yellow Belly Honey

A latke sandwich from new food truck vendor Napkin Friends

A latke sandwich from new food truck vendor Napkin Friends

Old favorites return to the market too!

Old favorites return to the market too!

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Community Garden Survey

community garden site photoHave you ever noticed that empty strip of grass just south of Fred Meyer? (You know the one pictured here… arguably a bit of an eyesore?) Would you like to see that space transformed into a community garden?

Lake City Future First and Fred Meyer are working in partnership to do just that – create a community garden in that space. Please give input on how you’d like to see this space developed. Would you like to see chess tables? Or beds filled with edible plants? A mural?

Please share your thoughtful ideas by responding to this quick Community Garden Survey. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and could help shape the future of that space.

Inspired? Feeling passionate about this project? Visit Lake City Future First’s volunteer page and sign up if you’d like to help see this project to fruition.


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You’re Invited!


Last year’s attendees shared their visions for Lake City and now many of these ideas are underway. Come learn more about what’s going on and how you can get involved.

More than 150 people attended last year’s Community Conversation at Elliot Bay Brewery. Come join us for another Community Conversation happening April 29th, 6:30-8:00 pm at the Lake City Community Center. This time around, enjoy free food and entertainment provided by Manila, Manila, our fabulous local Phillippino restaurant and market.

This free event continues the work of Lake City Future First (LCFF). Last year you shared your ideas and visions, and now it’s time to see them come to fruition! The event will include opportunities to learn more about a variety of Lake City actions, including:

  • A new community garden in the works
  • Ideas to activate the mini-park at 125th and Lake City Way
  • The new Urban Design plan for Lake City (spearheaded by the Department of Planning and Development)
  • Learn more about neighborhood greenways and other changes to address traffic safety
  • Meet members of LCFF and the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance – get connected with your local community groups
  • Provide feedback
  • Get involved
  • Did we mention free food?

The invitation includes a tear off RSVP form. Return the completed form to Kaffeeklatsch and receive a $1 off any Kaffeeklatsch item.

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Egg Hunt Festivities


Children hunt for eggs at Cedar Park Playground

Neighbors in the Cedar Park area of Lake City celebrated Easter yesterday with an egg hunt and potluck at Cedar Park Playground. The event began last year, with an egg hunt hosted by two residents, Tyler Stroud and Bridgette Kolias. This year, Bridgette carried on the tradition.


Bridgette credited her neighbors with helping to fill the plastic eggs. She said she’d drop off a dozen empty plastic eggs and receive three dozen filled eggs in return. Altogether she had 600 eggs to hide by the time Easter rolled around. About 35 kids participated, and many neighbors stayed for the potluck afterward.


It was a great example of an effective community event, conducted completely on volunteer effort.


Now that’s an egg!


Neighbors socialize during egg hunt.

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